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We specialize in providing personalized tours for your student groups ranging from concert, marching, jazz bands, choirs, orchestras, dance teams, class trips, sports teams, and more...

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Welcome and THANK YOU for choosing Hakuna Matata Group Tours to plan your group's next trip.  With over 20 years experience in this field we are confident your group will create memories that will last a lifetime. All trips that we create are 100% customized with our hands on approach.  You get our assistance at every stage of your tour, from early planning to the return trip home.  Hakuna Matata will accommodate any size group, for any type of trip, to anywhere in the world. 

Hakuna Matata Group Tours specializes in perfomance and non perfomance groups of all types. Such as; Band, Choir, Orchestra, Dance, Senior Class, Educational, Sports Teams and many more.  Contact us today to plan your trip! 

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